About Centralhatchee First Baptist





We are a unified group of believers.  We believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. We believe that Christ was born of a virgin, died on a cross, was buried and resurrected on the third day.  That He ascended up to Heaven where He makes intercession to God the Father on our behalf. 


We feel that part of God’s calling on us is to show the gospel and love of Christ with the world we live in.  We realize that people have problems and that they often need someone to lean on or a shoulder to cry on.


We feel that the church is a hospital for sinners not a country club for saints. We want to help you, and each other, to grow in the knowledge and love of Christ.   Everyone is welcome at Centralhatchee First Baptist Church.




Mission Statement


At Centralhatchee First Baptist Church we offer everyone an opportunity to grow in their faith by teaching Biblical principals with the support of a loving family.

"A Place Where Friends Become Family."



Church History


1837 - Church organized, 35 members

1841 - First met on Five Notch Road; later at school house east of present location.  Land for church donated by Thomas Vaughan; Mrs. Thomas Vaughan first Sunday School teacher.

1843 - Agreed to conduct ordinance of feet washing next communion.

1845 - Voted at July conference to dissolve in peace and harmony; at August conference voted to rescind this and "to server the Lord as best we can."  Had 20 black slave members.

1849 - Constructed second church building at present site; date of first building is not known.

1850 - Sold old church building to highest bidder for $7.  Resolved that each member pay at least 10 cents for foreign missions and 5 cents for domestic missions.

1851 - Housekeeping given to lowest bidder, $1.90 a year; to sweep every month and scour the floor twice.

1855 - Each male member to pay $1 per year into treasury to meet expenses.

1896 - Erected present church building; sold old building to highest bidder; paid pastor $48.25 for the year.

1901 - Allowed community to build school house on church grounds.

1902 - Housekeeping let for $4 a year; including cleaning yard, keeping spring cleaned out, bucket of water for each service, and lamps cleaned.

1906 - Vestibule and Steeple added to church; Vestibule later divided into two Sunday School rooms and entrance hall.

1907 - Additional land purchased to add to the cemetery.  Became a member of the Carrollton Baptist Association in the early teens; previously in other associations.

1932 - Church gave $3.33 to missions, $3 for minutes, Pastor's salary of $57.70 for the year.

1948-1949 - Five brick Sunday School rooms added to rear of church building.




1951 - Renovated sanctuary ceiling, floors; new carpet, pulpit, baptistry and choir loft, refinished pews.

1957 - Basement fellowship hall, kitchen and Sunday School rooms completed.





1960-1962 - Deep well drilled and bathrooms installed.

1963 - Built pastorium; and first pastor on the field.

1967 - Purchased new pews, pulpit furniture and wall to wall carpeting.

1974 - 314 members, $15,600 annual budget, no church indebtedness.  

1975 - Bricked exterior and replaced steeple.

1976 - Installed central heat/air system

1979 - Added cushions to pews

1981 - Purchased bus and began Sunday school ministry, cemented sidewalks and added shrubbery

1982 - Circular cement drive and front lawn added to church landscape

1992 - Church agreed to change the name to Centralhatchee First Baptist Church

1997 - Remodeled the sanctuary, replaced pews, and moved the choir loft to the center of platform. Removed baptistry from the floor.

1998 - Purchased grand piano

1999 - Purchased church van. Remodeled pastorium

2000 - Began planning stages of new addition of fellowship hall and upstairs class space.

2003 - Purchased land across from church

2009 - Purchased additional land adjacent to cemetary.

2012 - Bus ministry grown to two buses and two vans.
2013 - Purchased new pastorium.
2014 - Added porch on side and mobile classroom space.